Doki-Doki Trash Party Panic is the game about a drunk🍸 soviet nudist👙, who wakes up on a dump island⛱️ after a 🎉🎉🎉party🎉🎉🎉. Now he needs to make more vodka, to survive a hangover before the ‘blue devil’ will come for his soul. Dig in the trash, shoot aggressive crabs, fight for apple bits to make more vodka and save your soul!

Interact with alcohol machine🎰 with full container of ingredients🚮 (look at the upper right corner of the screen) to get vodka and additional HP.


Supports gamepad

WASD - move
Up\Down\Left\Right - shoot

Made by One Wing Cicada(twitter)

Kiryl goto01

Alex helops

Arseni yahhr!


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